Dallas “Small Business” Black Friday Sales

As a small business owner and avid “shop local” supporter, I developed a short list of a few businesses in the Dallas area offering Black Friday Deals. Bagadocious Personalized Accessory Covers http://www.Bagadocious.com Black Friday Special: Shop bagadocious.com w/code “BLACKBAG” on Black Friday only for 65% off any size accessory cover! Free shipping on orders $99 Read More


Help A Small Business Get A Grant

I have dreams and aspirations to open up a training resource center/facility for other small business owners. This Chase Mission Small Business Grant will assist in making that dream and goal a reality. Would appreciate your vote. You’ll need to be logged in Facebook to participate. Let’s see if this small business can get to Read More


Four Ways Not Stretch Yourself Too Thin

Small Business Owners that offer services to their clients: When your business gets to a point where there are more clients needing your assistance then you have time for…how do you handle that? Nobody wants to turn down business, well good business away.  However there are some pitfalls for taking on more than you can Read More


Snappy Salads-Small Business Review

Chris Dahlander, the owner of Snappy Salads in Dallas has a great business and marketing strategy.  This entrepreneur keeps on reinventing his business over the years.  Salads are mainly known for being a lunch or side dish.  This is not your basic salad.  This place not only provides great salad choices but it’s a step above your Read More


Marketing Budget Tips

Promotion and marketing should account for 30% or more of your budget, especially during the few years of opening a business.  I find that companies are doing the following: 1) Not focusing enough time and money on advertising 2) Spending too much on advertising/promotion Quick and simple rule.  If your marketing budget is $100 a month, Read More