Are You Treating Your Business Like A Business?

Treat your business like a business.  For those what work from home or remotely, set hours and times for consultations and meetings.  Be flexible at times to meet the needs of your current or potential customers but do not sacrifice your time with your family or another engagement or meeting.  Also, do not have back to back appointments.  Give your customer the time needed as the meeting may run a little late.  Your mind will be focused on the next appointment and you may not have the opportunity to prepare. 

There are circumstances when these do not apply, but set yourself a part and be known as a professional.  Cancel or reschedule in advance, giving your customers enough notice.  Most will understand especially due to emergencies or last minute things that come up. 

When you take your business seriously, so will others. 

I know time management, organizing schedules and the importance of follow up may be an area that not all business owners are comfortable or experienced in.  Reach out to another business owner to find out what works for them.  Get some tips to apply in your business too.

Have a great week!!!

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