Ask A Question Day

Let’s try this out for a few weeks.  Every Monday, I’ll answer a question that has been submitted via facebook, email, consultation or blog. 

Last week I met up with a client that asked about social media, which she is not comfortable with. Her question:  “how often should I post on facebook?”

I am not a social media expert but I mentioned that facebook changes often.  The best way to interact and engage with your fans is by posting daily.  Due to one’s work schedule, it may not be an option right now.  My suggestion to her:  start off by posting 3-4 times a week.  Spend 30 minutes to an hour each week to line up articles, stories, customer testimonials, upcoming events, etc and that way it is not overwhelming. When you are ready to post, content is already there. 

Obviously there are many websites and resources available to small business owners on the subject of social media including experts trained in the field. One of the sites I enjoy using is  

What’s some of your favorite websites for small business owners?

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