Happy New Year!!! It’s 2013 and I’m ready to rock and roll. There are so many ideas running through my head. Writing them in a notebook definitely helps. When making goals, staying focus is very important. Find that quiet place away from the chaos so your thoughts are clear and not all over the place. Sometimes my best thoughts and ideas come late or in the middle of the night. I would keep a small journal or notepad next to my bed just in case an idea came to me then. It helped a lot while I was in Graduate School. I did not have to run back to the computer or the “office” to jot it down. I simply wrote a few words on that paper and that was it. I would fine tune the idea the next day.
It’s not too late to start on your business goals for 2013. Staying persistent is the key. Life has its way of throwing things at you which lead to going off course from time to time. After the storm, jump back on the course and adjust those goals based off your new time line. One thing I enjoy about goals…they’re flexible.
Happy 2013!!!

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