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Have you spent countless hours researching about all of the changes happening in the social media world?  Recently I have been doing Facebook 101 trainings with some of my clients.  Although I am not an expert in social media, I am skilled enough to walk them through the basicis of setting up a page, sharing, liking other pages from your business pages and so on. 

Keeping up with the many changes of the different social media sites can be a daunting task.  Luckily you will finds hundreds of websites that offer valuable information that can be implemented.  However, the easiet and most effective way to understand social media is quite simple:  be active and engage with your fans, followers, connections, etc.  The more you engage by posting and being consistant, the more your posts will come up in the news feed or be seen by your fans or followers.  If you are on facebook, ask your fans to “add your page to their interests list”  and that way, a post will not be missed.

There are other forms of marketing that reach different dempgraphics.  Newspaper, magazine, television, radio, networking and the good old word of mouth.  In this day and age, the best way to get your business out there is not necessarily focusing on just one area but combining a few based off your budget and what you are comfortable with.

Take your time and don’t get overwhelmed with the many changes these outlets have.  Just continue to engage…

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  1. I have learned as well that you should try and find other fan pages to connect with. Tag them in your posts at times, their fans will see what you have to say. Be sure and make your tag relevant.

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