Ways to market without breaking the bank…

A question was asked on my facebook page about marketing.  Here is the question: What are a few ways I can get my name out there without plunking down loads of cash?

A quick summary…

Social media site such as Facebook and twitter are great sites to utilize.  You are reaching a specific demographic that will want to know more about your business by being a fan or follower.

Vendor Shows: Check out local sites that list vendor show opportunities.  Contact the person in charge and see if you can get a free or discounted booth by referring other vendors to participate.

Networking Events: I addressed this in my blog a few weeks ago. Find free or low cost networking events in the area.  Attend a few meetings before making a decision on being a member.  Connect with others on linkedin or join a few groups on meetup.

Current Customer Referrals: Offer discounts to current customers for their business referral.

Magazines:  Submit an article for a local magazine in your industry.  If it gets picked up, you are in the magazine for next to nothing.

Want to know more ways to advertise on a small budget?  Email Stephanie@DiversitySolutionsTX.com for more information.

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