Facebook & Social Media Interaction

How to get more interaction on Facebook and other social media sites?

Many of clients I work with continually ask this question over and over. 

Do not only rely on Facebook or social media entirely for your marketing or promotion needs.  Social media is a great way to reach a target market that prefers to see information, discounts, coupons and more through that avenue.  Technology is a wonderful tool and changes will occur daily. 

There is no wrong or write answer to this question.  My only advice would be to spend a week or two posting games, questions, discounts, photos, etc and watch your interaction and insight.  By doing this, you will get a good idea of when your posts are generating the most views.

From there, develop a strategy to post more things during that time.  I would continue to post consistently so you are still reaching your fans but keep the interaction to where you find more fans online. 

Each business will have a different model.

For businesses that reach that target moms and families, posting after 8pm is good.

If you want to reach teens, posting after 3pm gets more exposure.

If you want to reach professionals, posting early in the morning and after 6pm

Note:  There is a huge following during the 10am-6pm timeslot so do not forget about that group too.

Late night posting is for the population that may be up all night or in a different time zone.

None of this will work unless you monitor your social media postings for a few weeks as mentioned before to get a better understanding of your fans. 

Listed below are a few websites that have tips on facebook & social media postings and interaction.  Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these sites.  I found them to be resourceful and worth passing on.





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