Scribble Cakes-Taking DFW By Storm




I have the honor and privilege to know Kim Matthews, owner of Scribble Cakes.  What started off as an idea for her granddaughter’s birthday party led to a full fledge business days later.  Scribble Cakes has been going strong in the DFW area for over four years.

What is Scribble Cakes?

The concept is quite unique and fun.  You get to decorate your cake and eat it too!!!  Kim specializes in the following:

Birthdays       -Social Events      -Team Building (Corporate and social)     -Scouts (Boys and Girls)

-Bachelorette   -Fund Raisers      -Wedding & Baby Showers     -Home school    -Girls Night Out

-Day care    -Cake wars (great for teens & adults as well)     -Themed parties (Princess, Hello Kitty, Superman, and more)

The sky is the limit and those attending a Scribble Cakes party does not need to have a creative or artistic background.  Kim walks everyone through the steps and assures them that it can be done.

She brings all the materials for everyone.  Just let her setup and she’ll do the rest.  If you have a special request such as vegan, halal or gluten free…no problem. 

There are hundreds of photos on her website and Facebook page.  How do you choose?  Not an easy task at all but I handpicked a few.


PicMonkey Collage



From a small business point, Kim manages to stay busy with very or little advertising.  She’s selective on her marketing efforts and weighs out all options to make sure if fits the need of her business and the budget as well.  As a participant of my numerous workshops and training sessions, Kim’s vision for the future is to continue to grow and branch out into other areas.  Several businesses similar to Scribble Cakes have opened and closed since her start over four years ago.  I believe Kim’s idea, her personality and just her fun presence and the ease (or patience) throughout the process makes people come back.

This is one small business to look out for.



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