Small Business Marketing on a Budget

Archived blog post that has been updated with a few new tips.  Still relevant for small business owners.

A question was asked on my Facebook page about marketing.  Here is the question: What are a few ways I can get my name out there without plunking down loads of cash?

A quick summary…

Social media sites: such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter are great sites to utilize.  You are reaching a specific demographic that will want to know more about your business by being a fan or follower. Each site is different and has its own rules.  Find out where most of your interaction occurs, the time of the day, the type of posts (photos, pins, etc) that are getting the most reach and go from there.  If one social media site is not working for you, scale back a little and work on the 1-2 that does.

Vendor Shows: Check out local and national sites that list vendor show opportunities in your area.  Contact the person in charge and see if you can get a free or discounted booth by referring other vendors to participate.

Networking Events:. Find free or low cost networking events in the area.  Attend a few meetings before making a decision on being a member.  Connect with others on Linkedin or join a few groups on Meetup.  Facebook groups are also a great way to make connections and market your business on promotional days.

Current Customer Referrals: Offer discounts to current customers for their business referral. You can change it up by running a giveaway and the item does not need to be a product or service you provide.  It can be a gift card, gift basket, book, etc.

Magazines:  Submit an article for a local magazine in your industry.  If it gets picked up, you are in the magazine for next to nothing. Check with the publisher on any deals they might have.  All magazines have sales quotas and want to fill in their publication.  A deal may be available if you ask.

Want to know more ways to advertise on a small budget?  Email for more information.

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