Snappy Salads-Small Business Review

Chris Dahlander, the owner of Snappy Salads in Dallas has a great business and marketing strategy.  This entrepreneur keeps on reinventing his business over the years.  Salads are mainly known for being a lunch or side dish.  This is not your basic salad.  This place not only provides great salad choices but it’s a step above your typical lettuce, tomato, bread crumbs meal. Per the press release “…Chris decided to embark on creating radical and progressive new menu salads” (August 20, 2013 Snappy Foods Press Release).

At this restaurant, your salad is your meal. He uses suggestions from his customers by sampling different items on the menu from time to time.  If the customers like them, they stay.  If they don’t sell, they’re removed or offered as a special every so often.

I had the privilege of attending the Snappy Salads New Menu Preview a few weeks back at their Richardson, Texas location.  Many bloggers, food enthusiasts and several media professionals attended.

I had the best seat in the house.  I sat across from two long time and loyal customers.  They’ve been enjoying Snappy Salads since its opening 6 years ago.  As each dish was delivered, we critiqued but really had nothing negative to say.  The loyal customers told stories of previous menu items, portion sizes, flavors, and more.  I could actually see the nature of his business through these two.

Chris highlighted each item, the ingredients and the story behind the recipe.  During the event, he walked around the entire restaurant and greeted everyone.  He welcomed all questions and kindly answered them thoroughly.

At the end of the event, Chris introduced his team.  Many were store leads or store managers from his other locations.

Besides the food being delicious, here are some things about Snappy Salads I wanted to mention:

-All employees must wash dishes on their first day, no matter what position they were hired for.

-Uses high quality and all natural ingredients (hormone and antibiotic free).

-Answers each email that comes through the website.  Forwards to appropriate manager or department if needed.

-Received numerous local awards.

Green Business certified (by the city of Plano).

-Has dairy free, vegetarian and gluten free items on the menu.

-Kid friendly items on the menu.

-Supports local charities.

Below are just some photos from the evening.

SS Collage 1   SS Collage 2

SSreview3      SS Collage4 Yummy Lemon Cookie

Reinventing your business and creating new and exciting products for your customers says a lot about being an entrepreneur.  Chris and his team is doing something right…after all, Snappy Salads has been around for 6 years and they’re opening a new location in Dallas soon.

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