Women Entrepreneur Spotlight-Sheryl Jones

We are going through a series highlighting women entrepreneurs.  The rebrand of our sister site WERE will be launched in a few weeks.


This article highlights a woman who used a tragedy to help others…


Sheryl Jones is the Queen of Hearts-The Relationship Developer and her company is Rodcor Services LLC.

The business started on 10/14/15 and it is approaching the 10 year old mark.



Tell me about your business: 

Rodcor was birthed from my pain of losing my special needs son-Adrian.  I serve special needs adults and children with respite care services.  I provide services more than required by celebrating of the  invisible.  I love how I show up in the world.

What are some of the challenges you face with being an entrepreneur? Benefits? 

The challenge that I have faced is not being prepared for a change in my business.  As I have traveled all over the country to attend 72 conference in the last 9 year, I have heard multiple speaker say obtain multiple sources of revenue.  I never listened to that information and in the last 3 years my one source of revenue has greatly decreased.  Major point to take note of: GET MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME.

List one piece of advice you would have for those interested in taking that entrepreneur step?

The biggest piece of advice that I can offer is get a business coach.  I got a coach before my business launched and I will always have a coach. Always remember you can’t do business alone.  A good coach will ask you some hard questions and it will transform you and make you better.  In today’s market businesses that are “so-so” will not make it.  Give your best and you will always be in business.

Additional information you would like to share.

Make sure your business is something that customers/clients want.  Because what the definition of business is providing something that customers want and are willing to pay for right now.  When you do your homework you will find out if your ideal is viable.  If there is competition in the field get excited that means the ideal is needed.  At this time you have to operate in FAITH!  All things are possible when you believe.

What is the best way to reach you?

The best way to reach me is by email: sheryljones@rodcor.com; the 2nd way to reach me is www.facebook.com/sheryl.jones.908 ; the 3rd way is my website: www.rodcor.com ; and last way is my office number: 972-869-7277.


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