A Little Bit About Diversity Solutions

ImageI just wanted to let you know a little bit about the content owner.  I am a Small Business Marketing Coach in the Dallas area. The company celebrated out official two year anniversary last month and we are excited about the growth and major strides made in such a short amount of time. This blog is a new addition to the Diversity Solutions Marketing social media platform.

I have my MBA in Business and wanted to focus on Small Businesses since they’re the backbone to this economy (to any economy).  According to the SBA.gov, there are 23 million small business owners in the United States  (http://www.sba.gov/content/small-business-trends).  

My overall goal as a coach is to mentor, inspire and help create opportunities for my clients.  Each one is different and therefore requires a unique approach to their marketing strategy.  There is no cookie cutter approach to getting exposure except moving your feet and making it happen for yourself.

Each month we focus on a different topic related to small business owners.  In the past they included:  Networking, Branding and Goal Setting.  The month of July will focus on Promotion.

 I look forward to learning more about my blog subscribers,  Facebook fans(www.facebook.com/divesitysolutions)  and twitter followers (www.twitter.com/bizmktgcoach) . Appreciate all the support and let’s work together on this journey.

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