Promoting Your Brand

Coupons, magazines, social media, networking, sampling, inserts, etc are all tools used in promotion.

What type of promotional tools do you find are effective? 

If used properly, these tools can have a huge (and positive) feedback with your current or potential customers.  Face it…we are all in business to get and keep customers. 

A simple business card can only go so far.  When your budget does not allow you to expand into other promotional materials, you have to be creative and think outside of the box.   Thank goodness for social media.  Utilize the power of the net as often as you can.  Besides your time (and internet bill), it is FREE. 

Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked in, Instagram and the numerous other sites allow small business owners to gain that extra exposure for next to nothing. 

What’s your social media handle?  List below in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “Promoting Your Brand

  1. amethystwyldfyre says:

    Awesome suggestions here – I personally LOVE the internet and social media for promoting my business – I use blogging, tweeting, linking in and I also SPEAK SPEAK SPEAK! I’ve been on almost 400 virtual stages in the last three years or so and that has really skyrocketed my business and my reach – I’ve created a multi-six figure business in under three years in my PJs! My “business card” and paper promotional budget is miniscule because I leverage the virtual space.

    Here are my “Handles”

    Facebook Personal:
    Twitter Personal:
    Linked In: http://www.linkedin/in/amethystwyldfyre

    Think that’s it! Looking forward to connecting with you VIRTUALLY!

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