Brainstorming Session Recap

On March 7th, Diversity Solutions Marketing had an evening brainstorming session for women entrepreneurs at Décor Drapes Antiques & More which is a small business located in east Plano. Nine were in attendance and I truly believe that everyone, including myself walked away with new ideas for their business.
Brainstorming is a great way to gain knowledge and obtain suggestions from other businesses. We discussed marketing, exposure, customer retention, advertising, human resources and more. I can honestly say that these women will take those suggestions and hopefully implement them in the future.
This was the fourth session this year and I expect to have many more in the upcoming months. It’s amazing what can come from a bunch of women sharing their experiences with others in the room. We all end up being resources for each other and will play a part in the growth of their business.
Here’s a photo taken of the women entrepreneurs. Three were not in the photo.

3 thoughts on “Brainstorming Session Recap

  1. This was an amazing session! Thank you Stephanie and to all the other lovely ladies in attendance for all of the excellent ideas! I plan to implement a few of them in the upcoming weeks and look forward to reporting back.

  2. Stephanie, I absolutely loved the brainstorming session and will be making time to attend your future sessions. Business helping Business, it was great. Truly some of the ideas that came out of that session could change all of our companies in a positive way. I for one appreciate everyone that spoke up and provided their input. It was truly amazing!

    • Katrina Lokko says:

      Wow, is all I can say. This was my second one and it just keep getting better and better. The next day I put a few suggestions to work for me. Thanks Stephanie and the rest of you ladies that attended.

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