How Do You Relax?

How Do You Relax?

You missed a meeting…an order when wrong…a delivery was lost…you missed a deadline…too many things to do and not enough hours in the day.  Does this sound familiar?

Being thrown in many different directions as a business owner can throw you off a bit.

Here are some tips that I use to help me relax when feeling overwhelmed:

1)       Go for a walk. Whether you walk around your house, backyard, around the block or at a park, these are all great options for taking a break and relaxing.

2)      Go to the gym. A few days a week, I take a zumba class.  It’s a great workout and it releases that built up stress and anxiety.

3)      Pick up the phone.  Make a phone call and catch up with a friend.  Get your mind off your business for that time period.  Or you could reach out to a friend or family member to release some tension.  We all need a break sometimes.

4)      Write it down in a journal or make a list.  For those that are not verbal, writing down your frustrations on a piece of paper is like therapy.


These are just a few ways that I try to relax when I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  Feel free to post below and list ways you relax.



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