What’s holding you back?

While the holidays is such a great time to connect with family and loved ones, we soon start to see that the new year is within a matter of days.  Some business owners are worried about the economy and how that will affect them.  Others are concerned with not having the right tools to keep the business afloat.  Fear is a big part of holding you back from greatness.  We need to look back and think about overcoming that fear in order to take us to the next level. 

Marketing is a vital tool in the success of a business.  Having a website, tax ID number and a “grand opening” does not equal new or repeat business.  You may be the best baker, sewer, trainer, instructor, designer, etc. But “Marketing” may not be your expertise. Take the initiative, take the risk, fight that fear and find someone (even on a part time or as need basis) to help you in areas that you are not experienced in.  That small investment could lead to long term stability.

I posted this on a networking group I belong to and I will extend it to the readers that are following my new venture:  ‎2013 is right around the corner and many of us are working on personal or business goals. I enjoy networking both local and online. If you need to get connected to someone, post here and I will look through my database of contacts to see if I can help you in 2013. Blessings to all!!!

Keep an eye out for more posts regarding marketing tips, giveaways from some of my clients/networking friends, new services, upcoming events and more!!!

Have a great 2013!!!

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